Whether successfully fuelling day-to-day operations witha line of trade finance, or requiring a more complex financing solution to meet long-term goals, AMROGROUP has both the comprehensive suite of credit and financing solutions and the specialized expertise to meet your business or industry specific needs.

Stand By Letter Of Credit (SBLC)

Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) is a written irrevocable bank pledge issued at the request of the applicant to pay the beneficiary, if the documents submitted are in accordance with the requirements of the documents listed in the SBLC.

A standby letter of credit is a guarantee of payment issued by a bank or a financial institution on behalf of client where the bank or a financial institution promises to pay a “beneficiary” in case of default by the applicant.

Historically, Standby letters of credit were developed because the US regulator legally limited bank or a financial institution US bank’s authority to issue guarantees.

Historically, Standby letters of credit were developed because the US regulator legally limited bank or a financial institution US bank’s authority to issue guarantees.

A stand-by letter of credit is a very flexible financial tool, making it a suitable instrument for securing a vast range of payment scenarios.

It is commonly used for international trading as it provides assurance to the seller / exporter that the payment will come through. However, a stand-by letter of credit involves quite a few complexities and therefore, one must consult with an expert if not well acquainted with stand-by letters of credit.

Types of Stand-by Letters of Credit
1. Performance standby letter of credit
2. Advance-payment standby letter of credit
3. Insurance standby letter of credit
4. Commercial standby letter of credit

Bank Guarantees

when a bank is instructed to issue a guarantee by its account holder, in favour of the beneficiary. A direct guarantee is when a bank is instructed to issue a bank guarantee by its account holder in favour of the beneficiary.

The bank’s guarantee to pay may be subject to conditions which stipulate that the bank shall be obligated to pay the beneficiary the a fixed promised amount on behalf of its client if the conditions are fulfilled.

Several Types of BG:
1. Performance Bond
2. Payment Guarantee
3. Confirmed Payment Order

POF & RWA MessagesReady, willing and able messages

An RWA Message is a document issued by banks or financial institutions on behalf of the applicant, demonstrating the intent and financial and legal capability to enter a financial transaction. RWA Messages are often referred to as bank comfort letters.

Proof of Funds

POF is a bank document or bank statement that demonstrates that a person/company has the ability and the money to finalize a transaction. It ensures that the financial ability required for the transaction is procurable and legitimate. POF is often used for funding projects that require large amounts of money to invest in.

Notably, POF are sometimes being used by con artists to carry out financial scams. Thus, as a precaution, before agreeing to be presented with POF, it is more than necessary to thoroughly investigate the opposite party of the transaction and run sufficient due diligence.

AMROGROUP represents a private equity funds that provides Proof of Funds / Verification of Deposits for short or long-term uses. We are the sole representative of the fund, so there is no broker chain involved. The funds are utilized to provide Proof of Funds accounts at a predetermined fixed return-on-investment. We ensure that our clients will not have to give up any ownership positions in their projects or trades. However, joint ventures are considered on a case by case basis.

Letter of Credit (LC)

The Documentary Letter of Credit known as LC or DLC is a written undertaking given by a bank to the seller (beneficiary). The Letter of Credit or Documentary Letter of Credit is a technique for financing International trade by which a bank (issuing bank) takes the irrevocable commitment, at the request and for the account of its client (applicant), to pay the exporter (beneficiary) against the handing-over of various documents complying with the terms of the credit, proving forwarding and the nature of the goods stipulated in the proforma invoice or commercial contract within a set time limit.

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