Amro CSR Foundation is a subsidiary of Amro Global Foundation registered in Labuan East Malaysia, which has core activities in organizing and distributing CSR and Humanitarian charity fund throughout Indonesia and also to 50 of the world’s poorest countries.

Amro Group believe that in the context of the current development, the success of a company is no longer measured by the business profits alone, but also from the extent of the company’s concern for social, environmental aspects.

In any business, the top priority is business sustainability. While sustainability without the support of environmental and social aspects, it has the potential to create obstacles in the form of latent and manifest that will inhibit the achievement of corporate profits. However a business will not run optimally if it is not able to maintain the reserves of resources (resources), which includes social aspects in this case Human Resources and environmental aspects or Natural Resources.

Our CSR Foundation program in Indonesia also inline with the concept of Sustainability Development, which is built on five related pillars and mutually support one another. The five pillars are education, health care, social, environmental and economic, where each of pillar is organize and managed by five outsourcing companies.

The main goals to be achieved are to eradicate poverty, solve illiteracy problems, improve health services, reduce infant mortality, combat AIDS, create sustainability and environmental management and stimulate partnerships in the development processes.

Our CSR Foundation have 5 outsourcing companies, where each company will manage dedicated sector of CSR activities. The 5 outsourcing companies will be organized the following main aspect:
1. Outsource Company who manage Better Education Provider in Indonesia
2. Outsource Company who manage Better Health Service in Indonesia
3. Outsource Company who manage Modern Social Defence Base in Indonesia
4. Outsource Company who restore and develop Science and Cultural Program in Indonesia
5. Outsource Company who sutain Ecosystem and Environment Improvement in Indonesia


Investment Fund Allocation is IDR 5,000 Trillion.

We provide subsidies to develop the International School complex (Primary to University) with facilities and scholarships for poor students by the Education Foundation.

This Outsource Company of our CSR Foundation which is has core project activity to provide total improvement of our current eduction system.

Our eduction program is embeded in all Amro City facilities in 400 districts throughout Indonesia. All infrastructure facilities for eduction program are become part of Amro City development plan. School fees are 100 percent funded by Amro Foundation.

Starting from human right education we build high standard curriculum eduction program associate with Quintuple Helix system and making our students are interested in science, reading, mathematics and economy and mature in spritual relationship with Almighty God.

The Quintuple Helix stresses the necessary socioecological transition of society and economy in the twenty-first century; therefore, the Quintuple Helix is ecologically sensitive. Within the framework of the Quintuple Helix innovation model, the natural environments of society and the economy also should be seen as drivers for knowledge production and innovation, therefore defining opportunities for the knowledge economy.

We provide more religious education centres, polytechnic schools and vocasional trainings on our eduction programs.

We are collaborating with current Religious Centres in term of financial donation support, but also actively developing our Infrusture Facilities and Education Programs in our New Religious Intitution Centre.

This Outsource Company of Our CSR Foundation has core project activities in improve maternal health, reduce child mortality, combat HID/Aids, malaria and other deseas. Medicare provides health insurance to all individuals eligible for social security who are aged 65 and over, those eligible for social security because of a disability, and those suffering from end-stage renal disease (ESRD).

We build one general polyclinic of each village in 400 districts throughout Indonesia to we an adequate polyclinic to facilitate every citizen to obtain health services on time, thereforewith good public health, the pace of development will be enhanced.

This Outsource Company of Our CSR Foundation which is has core project activities in the social welfare and making people happy. We build the quality of life that includes the quality of invironment (air, soil, water) and provide availability of essential social services, as well as religious and spiritual aspects of life.

Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, provides material or logistical assistance to a group of people or a country in need of aid. Projects vary among those necessitated by man-made disasters (crime, terrorism, war and civil disorder), natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunami, and floods), and aid development.

We provide subsidies to build stopover guesthouse, decent houses for the poor, transport facilities, nurshing homes for drug dependence, nurshing home for orphanages, worship facilities, subsidized food, clothes and utilities.

A humanitarian project provides material or logistical assistance to a group of people or a distric in need of aid. Projects vary among those necessitated by man-made disasters, natural disasters, poverty and aid.

Natural Disaster
Humanitarian projects exist in areas that have experienced natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunami, and floods. Humanitarian groups send building supplies and food as well as medical equipment since these are the most important and immediate necessities for people in a disaster zone.

Initially we organize Logistic deliveries like food, drinking water, Build Temporary Shelters for people who exposes to Erathquake Incidents in Lombok in 6th of August 2018.
In medium term we also plan to build relocation housing complex for all earthquake victims to Amro New Township which is familiar to be called Amro City Lombok. This Amro City will be located in certified safe areas in Lombok Island.

Humanitarian projects often focus on poverty-stricken areas. These areas will have been in poverty for a long time and the living conditions and quality of life will typically be very low. Humanitarian projects to these parts of the world usually send aid such as money, farming tools, medicine and building materials.

Man-Made Disasters
Man-made disasters include crime, terrorism, war and civil disorder. Humanitarian aid is sent to these areas in different forms. For example, social workers are usually sent to areas of crime to try to encourage people away from a life of drugs, crime or gang life. Well Trained Securities staff will typically be sent into areas of civil disorder and will bring with them supplies for people adversely affected by the civil disorder.

Development Aid
In developing countries, humanitarian aid is often sent to help boost the economy and aid development further. Our Social Defence Base Program is focus to the poorest area in Indonesia will received much more development aid for restructiring their new life in their own sovereign lands.

This Outsource Company of Our CSR Foundation has core project activities to finance a new invention and discoveries and beneficial to mankind and the environment. We will registered all the patent right of each individual/group ivention into World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The inventors who have passed the test will be awarded and will be booked in Amro Guiness Book of Record.

Some similar findings that have not gotten the attention of any institution, can now be registered to the Amro Sain Indonesia for testing process and completeness to be registered in WIPO. All the new invention will be implemented directly in all appropriate projects within Amro Group.

This Outsource Company also has core project activities in creating and supporting the balance of the ecosystem. We believe with less than 30% of the world’s surface covered in forests, then we will begin to enter a global warming.

We promoting and implementing reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery priciples in all our waste mangement system. We are creating green openspaces, built openspaces and put full effort in reforestation by planting 1,500 hectars of land on every our Amro City in 400 districts,with valuable trees like Paulownia Elongata, Lygn Aloes and Tectona Grandis, that are beneficial to the economy and the environment. The profit from selling wood products will be used fora subsidy fund for some of our CSR projects.

We also participate in providing awards and living allowances for environmental activists and also provide financial support for them in attending the Global Environmental Events.

We are strive to build Seed Vault with the capacity to store 6 million varieties of global crops. Each variety will contain on average of 1000 seeds, therfore morethan 6 billion seeds may be stored in the Seed Vault. Some temporary locations have been observed in Indonesia and one of the proper location could be in Carstensz Pyramid in Papua.

A humanitarian project provides material or logistical assistance to a group of people or a country in need of aid. Projects vary among those necessitated by man-made disasters, natural disasters, poverty and aid development.


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